Wild 'n' Wacky Party Booking Terms and Conditions


Wild ‘n’ Wacky Party & Laser Play Terms & Conditions

All visitors must comply with our Rules of Play and any Government Covid-Safe rules in place at the time of your visit.

Wild ‘n’ Wacky may require additional safety and hygiene measures for your party which will be notified to you either when booking or when finalising your party. If you or your guests are unable or unwilling to comply with these rules and requirements you may be refused entry or asked to leave without a refund.

Please do not visit if you or your family have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or any other illness.

Wild 'n' Wacky reserves the right to remove any adult or child if they are rude, aggressive verbally or physically, or continually refuse to comply with requests or instructions from Wild 'n' Wacky staff. No refunds will be given in these circumstances

Party Deposits

We can only reserve a party date for you once we receive your deposit payment. Deposits for parties are non-refundable.

Parties may be booked online or by telephone or in person using a credit or debit card. We accept Visa Debit, Visa Credit, and Mastercard. Please note we do not accept American Express.


If you cancel your party, you will forfeit the deposit and any other monies paid.

If Wild ‘n’ Wacky is unable to hold your party for whatever reason, including sickness, lockdown, or weather conditions, we will transfer your booking to another date/time. Alternatively, you can request a refund for what you have paid for your party less an admin fee of £15.00. We will try to find a mutually agreeable alternative date and time. However, there is no guarantee of the availability of an equivalent timeslot (i.e. a weekend party may need to be rescheduled to an after school midweek slot etc.).

Changing the date of your party

You may change your party date/time and re-use your deposit for another party of the same type within one week of booking your party. After one week of booking, moving the date of your party will incur a £15 administration charge. Changing to a different party type (i.e. from Off Peak to Peak) will also incur a £15 administration fee.

Changing the date of your party at short notice of less than 48 hours before the party is due to take place due to illness, requirement to isolate or any other reason will incur a £30 charge to cover our staff costs.

Finalising Guest Numbers for your party and paying the balance due

You are required to settle the final balance of your party at least 7 days in advance of your party. This is when we will also need details of any children with medical conditions or special dietary needs/allergies.

Once the final number of children/adults attending the party has been confirmed and paid for, no refunds will be given for children/adults who subsequently cancel or do not attend on the day. We will allow up to 5 extra children on the day of the party, so if you are not sure whether a child is coming or not, please put their name on the register with a question mark.

Your party host will check the numbers with you once the party has started and you will then be required to pay for any additional children over the number already paid for before the party food is prepared.

Customer Services Contact Details

Please contact us in the event of any query about your party booking, cancellation or refund by phone or email: phone is 01279 426 976 and select option 1. Our email is info@wildnwacky.co.uk.  

Please do not message us on Facebook or other social media as this may result in a delay in helping you.

Party Details

The party is two hours with approximately 90 minutes play time and 30 minutes party food time for Wild Kids, Wacky Kids and Wacky Tots party packages. Exclusive Hire parties do not include catering in the price. Any catering requirements and timings for an Exclusive Hire party must be agreed with us in advance.

You must provide a minimum of one adult guardian per five children attending the party.

We will provide you with a dedicated Party Host for the duration of the party. The Party Host will meet and greet you and your guests, show you to your reserved tables and Party Room, serve your food (if applicable), and help to make sure you have a great party.

Upon arrival all party attendees will be asked to sign in or be scanned at Reception. We will also need the names of all adults and non-playing teenagers attending the party in advance to monitor capacity so please add them to the Register.

You must bring a completed register with the names and ages of the children and adults/teenagers attending the party, together with details of any food allergies or special diets or medical conditions if appropriate. Failure to bring a register will result in a delay to the start of the party whilst the necessary information is completed. Any adult or teenager who is not listed on the register will be asked to pay the usual admission price, provided we have sufficient capacity remaining after other visitor bookings (daytime public session parties only).

There are additional Terms and Conditions for Laser Tag play and parties. These are shown in the section below. The parents/guardians of the party guests must complete and sign a Waiver Form BEFORE the party or event takes place.

Additional children/siblings attending with pre-paid party guests will need to book admission tickets via our online booking system for Wild 'n' Wacky, provided there is sufficient capacity remaining after other visitor bookings.

Socks must be worn by all users of the play frames (including adults). It is recommended that children are dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for active play and it is strongly advised that long sleeves and trousers are worn at all times to avoid friction burns on the slides.

You are not permitted to bring your own food or beverages into Wild 'n' Wacky. An exception is made for Birthday Cakes for the cake ceremony. We will cut and wrap slices for the guests to take home, but the cake cannot be eaten on the premises due to our food safety and hygiene requirements.

Please ensure you have a list of all the ingredients of the cake, icing and any edible decorations or treats (including party bag contents) with you at the party, as you are responsible for providing this information to your party guests. Please do not bring in birthday cakes containing NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS.

For parties taking place during sessions open to the public, we will reserve up to 3 x four-seater tables for you and the other adults/non-playing teens in your party. We cannot guarantee the location of these reserved tables. We cannot guarantee additional seating unless you or the adults/teens book admission tickets for themselves.

Please note that the Party Room is only available for the use of party guests for the 30 minute food time. No banners, posters or decorations can be fixed to the walls or ceilings.

Wild 'n' Wacky reserve the right to substitute any food items on the party menu with a suitable alternative and without prior notification. The contents of Wild 'n' Wacky party bags may vary and cannot be guaranteed in advance.

At the end of the party, please ensure children are escorted directly to Reception to exit the building promptly and do not return to the play areas.

Wild ‘n’ Wacky Laser Play Terms & Conditions

All visitors must comply with our general Rules of Play and terms and conditions.
At Wild ‘n’ Wacky we will do our best to be as flexible and helpful as possible but there are a few basic terms and conditions.

Wild 'n' Wacky reserves the right to remove any adult or child if they are rude, aggressive verbally or physically, or continually refuse to comply with requests or instructions from Wild 'n' Wacky staff. No refunds will be given in these circumstances

Children remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times during their visit to Wild ‘n’ Wacky.

Wild ‘n’ Wacky does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature caused through misuse of the equipment, lack of parental supervision, or failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

Waiver Forms

All Players participate at their own risk and must have a waiver form completed and signed by their parent or guardian in advance of the party.

The Party Parent(s) or Event Organiser hosting the party are responsible for ensuring that Waiver Forms are completed and signed by the parents or guardians of the Players BEFORE the start of the event.

The completed Waiver Forms must be handed to the Wild ‘n’ Wacky manager on duty at the start of the party or event so that they can be reviewed before the safety briefing takes place.

Players must be at least aged 4 years old. No one aged over 12 years old is permitted to play.

Safety Information

Each Player must attend the Laser play safety briefing by the Wild ‘n’ Wacky Game Organiser before playing.

The lasers used in our equipment are certified and tested by the manufacturer and are compliant with E.U. and FDA laser safety standards. They have been designed for use by children with the “target” zone on the phasor (laser gun). No vests or helmets are required. The children will be told to aim for the other players’ phasors and not towards anyone’s head or eyes. Although the lasers emit a low level beam of less than 200milliseconds it is advised not to look directly at the laser or to point it at anyone’s eyes.

Laser play will only take place on the Junior area of the play frame. The Football pitch, Toddler and Baby Areas are out of bounds to Laser players.

Non-players are strictly NOT ALLOWED on the Junior play frame during Laser play. Parents and guardians must ensure that non-playing children do not enter the junior area during laser play for their own and others’ safety.

Wild ‘n’ Wacky is not responsible for entertaining the non-playing children unless a specific activity has been agreed in advance of the party or event.

No physical contact with or between players or their phasers is permitted during Laser play. The phasers will only work if held with both hands and must not be swung about.

Laser Tag is a physically challenging activity, and we recommend that children with heart or lung conditions, light sensitive epilepsy or other medical conditions that may become worse with physical activity do not take part. Asthmatic children are advised to bring their inhaler and make themselves known to the Game Organiser before the safety briefing.

Laser play involves play in a darkened unfamiliar environment with flashing lights and loud sounds. It takes place with the main café area lighting and play frame lighting reduced. Atmospheric lighting and sound effects are used during the laser play sessions which may not be suitable for very young or sensitive children, whether playing or waiting in the café area. If you are unsure about its suitability for your child, please discuss your concerns with a manager before booking a laser party or event.

A special non-toxic “haze” (smoke effect) is deployed approximately 15 minutes before the laser play starts. This is to allow the laser beams to appear with maximum effect. Details of the “haze” substance can be provided in advance of the party on request.

The Party Parent(s) or Event Organiser may request that the main sound system can be turned down or switched off and/or for the special lighting effects to be reduced or switched off during but the Phasers (“Laser guns”) will still emit individual sound effects.

A siren will sound to signal the end of each game. Children must stop playing and leave the play frame immediately they hear the siren.

Laser Tag Game Format

Laser tag is played in 8 minute game sequences. A maximum of 24 children may participate in each game.

Any delay caused by failure to provide signed completed Waiver Forms or children failing to attend the safety briefing promptly may lead to a reduction in the number of laser games played.

During our 2 hour Exclusive Hire parties with a laser tag option, where the number of children attending the party exceeds 24 children, they will be placed in teams of approximately 10 children each and the teams will be rotated at the end of each game. The children not playing will need to wait with their parents or play in other age-appropriate areas of the play frame as the main junior area of the play frame will be out of bounds whilst laser games are in progress.

During an Exclusive Hire (2 hours duration), the safety briefing and laser play will take place after the first half hour of the party. The number of games is up to the discretion of the Wild ‘n’ Wacky Manager on duty, in consultation with the wishes of the Party Parent or Event

Organiser, taking into account the number of children at the event and allowing breaks for rest and drinks to avoid de-hydration.

In a Wild Kids Laser+ party or a Wacky Kids Laser+ party (30 minute exclusive laser tag session at the end of a party taking place in the public session) there will be three laser tag games of 8 minutes taking place after the safety briefing towards the end of the party. Guest numbers are limited to 24 children.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain fully operational phasors, there may be occasions regrettably when this is not possible. For Wild Kids Laser+ and Wacky Kids Laser+ parties we will refund the individual player charge (Laser party charge less the standard equivalent party charge) if a phasor is not available. For Exclusive Hire parties with laser tag option any partial refund will be made entirely at the discretion of the manager on duty

Players must ensure that they leave the play frame promptly at the end of each session and return their phaser to the Wild ‘n’ Wacky staff member immediately at the end of each play sequence.

Any delay in Players leaving the play frame and handing back their phaser to the Game Organiser may reduce the number or length of any following games. The Wild ‘n’ Wacky Manager on duty will decide on the timings and length of sessions.
The final laser game must finish no later than 15 minutes before the end of the event.

At the end of the party or event, please ensure children are escorted directly to Reception to exit the building promptly and do not return to the play areas.