Wild 'n' Wacky Party Booking Terms and Conditions

The party is two hours with approximately 90 minutes play time and 30 minutes party food time. Our Payments and Refund Policy is shown separately here so please read everything carefully.

You must provide a minimum of one adult guardian per five children attending the party.

Upon arrival all party attendees will be asked to sign in at Reception.

You must bring a completed register with the names and ages of the children attending the party, together with details of any food allergies or special diets or medical conditions if appropriate. Failure to bring a register will result in a delay to the start of the party whilst the necessary information is completed. Please click here to download a register or ask us to send you one.

Additional children/siblings who attend with pre-paid party guests will be charged the usual entrance fee for Wild 'n' Wacky. Up to 5 additional party guests can be added on the day, with advance notice if possible as this helps us plan your party better.

You are not permitted to bring your own food or beverages into Wild 'n' Wacky. An exception is made for Birthday Cakes which can be used for the cake ceremony and placed in party bags but please note that birthday cake cannot be consumed on the premises due to our food safety requirements.

For parties taking place during sessions open to the public, we will reserve 2 x four-seater tables for you and the other adults in your party. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee the location of these reserved tables although they will be on the ground floor of the play centre unless otherwise agreed in advance. Regrettably we cannot guarantee any additional seating.

Please note that the Party Hut is only available for the use of party guests for the 30 minute food time.

Socks must be worn by all users of the play frames (including adults).It is recommended that children are dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for active play and it is strongly advised that long sleeves and trousers are worn at all times.

Wild 'n' Wacky reserve the right to substitute any food items on the party menu with a suitable alternative and without prior notification.

The contents of Wild 'n' Wacky party bags may vary and cannot be guaranteed in advance.

We will provide you with a dedicated Party Host for the duration of the party. The Party Host will meet and greet you and your guests, show you to your reserved tables and Party Hut, serve your food and help you in any way necessary to make sure you have a great party. Please ensure that all adults and children in your party group co-operate with the Party Host at all times.

Wild 'n' Wacky reserves the right to remove any adult or child if they are rude, aggressive verbally or physically, or continually refuse to comply with requests or instructions from Wild 'n' Wacky staff.

At the end of the party, please ensure children are escorted directly to Reception to exit the building. Your co-operation is vital to ensure children do not return to the play areas.

Please help us, wherever possible, to ensure each child is signed out before leaving the building.

It is a condition of the party taking place that party guests and their parents/guardians agree to abide by the Rules of Play. The Rules of Play are available at reception or click here to view them.