Wild n Wacky Membership

1. Membership Cards must be brought on each visit.   Please have the card ready so that you can be scanned in on entrance.

2. Children and their parents/guardians must respect the Wild ‘n’ Wacky Rules of Play at all times.   

3. ID confirming the Membership names on the Membership  must be shown on request. Failure to provide matching ID may result in entry being delayed or refused.  

4. Membership cards must not be given, lent, sold or transferred or used by anyone other than the child(ren) named on the pass.    

5. Family memberships are currently free.  We may introduce a paid membership card, loyalty card or discount card with  a small fee at a later date. 

6. Replacements for lost Membership cards  or duplicate  cards can be issued upon payment of a £1 administration fee.  

7. Membership does not confer any rights to entrance tickets - these will need to be purcahsed separately by booking online.  

8. Wild ‘n’ Wacky reserves the right to vary opening and closing times in line with business requirements at any time.  

9. Members may opt out of emails from Wild ‘n’ Wacky at any time and are not obliged to sign up for email newsletters, but special offers etc will only be communicated by email. 

10. Wild ‘n’ Wacky reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel any membership without notice at any time if the Rules of Play are not respected or at the sole discretion of the senior manager. 

11. If a paid membership is terminated by Wild ‘n’ Wacky, unused complete months may only be refunded at the manager’s discretion. 

12. Wild ‘n’ Wacky provides term time complimentary activities at certain times but reserves the right to discontinue them or change the provider without notice.